• There are several casual restaurants and bars conveniently located to Tonto Basin Inn. The town also offers tackle shops, a hardware store, a grocery, convenience store, and a gas station.
  • You can buy your TONTO PASS and FISHING LICENSE at the Tonto Basin Marketplace (45944 N. Hwy 188), or Punkin Center Bar & Grill (22 Old Hwy 188 Loop).
  • TONTO NATIONAL MONUMENT ancient cliff dwellings
  • Tonto Basin is a gateway community for the 800 mile ARIZONA SCENIC TRAIL with easy access to the Tonto Basin Inn, and a convenient spot to take a break, relax, check emails and re-supply.
  • Day hikers and bicycle enthusiasts are always welcome too.
  • The historic APACHE TRAIL, one of many ways to access the area